Welcome to Lost Boyos

What is a Lost Boyo?

A Lost Boyo is a Welsh footballer that has played  their football beyond the Welsh League, Football League or Premier League. Although maybe not quite as adventuorus, a Welsh player who has played in Scotland  (e.g. John Hartson, Craig Bellamy) is also defined as a Lost Boyo. In the strange world of international football, it is possible to encounter Brazilians playing for the Qatar national team and English men playing for Trinidad and Tobago; similarly, the current Welsh national team is awash with several English-born players who have acheived Welsh national team status through FIFA’s newly slackened criteria. For the sake of this website any player who has played for the Welsh national team, at any level, can be considered a Lost Boyo (e.g. Craig Davies, born in Burton)

Who are the Lost Boyos behind this blog?

The Lost Boyos are two brothers, who share a strong affection for the beautiful game and a love of the highs and lows of Welsh football. The two brothers are themselves Lost Boyos having left their homeland for pastures new; one brother based in South Korea with interests in Manchester United, Incehon United and Roberto Baggio, whilst the other brother resides in the not so exotic Manchester, where he sets his base to watch his beloved Swansea City.

What can you expect from this blog?

The main focus of this blog is always going to be about those players/managers who have left the ‘Land of my fathers’ (or just their grandfathers in some cases) to seek adventures in some of Europe’s elite leagues – and not so elite. These profiles will look into how each player/manager’s career lead to them braving it on the continent, their life and career in these leagues and what effect it had on their careers.

As well as these profiles, you can also expect pieces about other areas of the beautiful game, on and off the pitch with further focus on ‘groundhopping’ and football kits – two more loves of the Lost Boyos.

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