What is Top Boyos?


Unsurprisingly, here at Lost Boyos, we think that Welsh football is ace. Well, ‘ace’ is maybe too positive a word to describe Welsh football; in fact, it is usually a bleak, glum and despondent place – a real cul-de-sac of hopelessness. Anyway, you get the picture. But, nonetheless, we still love it and we would like to celebrate it somehow with our readership. But how? The other day, it eventually occurred to me: undoubtedly, Welsh football has produced some superb footballers over the years and some of the most colourful characters to ever grace the game, so I thought why not ask people to contribute their own articles hailing their very own Welsh footballing hero. “If only we had a witty name for such a feature,” I thought. Twitter soon sorted that out for us – thanks to Neil Watson for coming up with the catchier name of ‘Top Boyos’ – our celebration of Welsh football heroes.

So, this is where I turn to you, the reader. If you have a Welsh footballer who you adore (or once adored) and think you can write something half decent and which is at least a 1000 words long (write more if you wish!), get in touch. It does not matter whether the Welsh star is a current or former player, or even if they are a ‘star’ at all. This isn’t solely for players who have represented Wales at international level either; if your club have had a Welsh player who you cherished, why not write about them? The only criteria is the player has to be Welsh!

You can contact us either via Twitter (@LostBoyos), me (@mophead_88) or Marc (@theglobalgnome), our Facebook page or, if you are not into this social network malarkey, by good old-fashioned email (matthewharrison1988@gmail.com).

We looking forward to hearing from you.

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