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Below are a list of blogs/websites who are linked to our site, who we have written for and who we just generally recommend that you check out. Click on the blog titles to visit each of the sites listed.

Football: Wherever it may be (@Laurencereade)

An excellent groundhopping site which largely focuses on the hidden gems of non-league football. Run by Laurence Reade.

Ffwtbol (@ffwtbol)

Award-winning Welsh football blog compiled by Phil Stead, the author behind the excellent Red Dragons: The Story of Welsh Football. Wide range of articles on all things Welsh football.

Gibbo’s 92 (@JoeBillGibbo)

Atherton Colls fan and friend of Lost Boyos‘ Joseph Gibbons chronicles his groundhopping around the country sampling the best grounds that league and non-league football have to offer. Regularly teams up with Matt on his football adventures.

In Bed With Maradona (@inbedwimaradona)

One of the best football websites around. Do not expect transfer gossip or profiles on the world’s biggest stars; IBWM is one for people searching for more ‘leftfield’ football articles. One of the most respected football websites around and the standard of writing is superb (they even once let Matt publish a Paulo Sousa article on their site, which can be read here).

The Itinerant Football Watcher (@PeterRMiles)

Groundhopper Peter Miles’ excellent website about his pan-European football travels. Packed full of information about the destinations he visits, The Itinerant Football Watcher is one of my favourite groundhopping sites out there.

Les Rosbifs (@LesRosbifs)

One of the chief inspirations behind Lost Boyos. The Guardian recommended Les Rosbifs looks at the adventures and misadventures of English footballers that have opted to play their football outside of these shores. A superb website.

Mark Pitman (@markpitman1)

This is the blog of top Welsh football writer Mark Pitman. Mark is certainly an expert on all things Welsh football-related with regular contributions to Wales Online as well as several other websites including In Bed With Maradona and The Ball Is Round. Mark has been one of the earliest supporters of Lost Boyos since its founding.

My Year in the Welsh League (@MYITWL)

For me, one of the most amusing and well written groundhopping blogs around (and I’m not just saying that because blog founder Nicky claims Lost Boyos was his early muse for starting his blog). The blog does what it says on the tin: Nicky is trying to a 100 games within Wales in one calendar year. Brilliant stuff.

The 94th Minute (@The94thMin)

Welsh groundhopper Clint Jones’ excellent account of his travels in Wales and over the border. Fairly similar in style to the stuff placed on Lost Boyos. Top stuff!

Outside of the Boot (@OOTB_Football)

Excellent football website with a plethora of content. A must read just for the excellent scout reports. Lost Boyos’ Matt is an occasional contributor to the website.

We Are Premier League (@We_R_PL)

Do you love Swansea City? Do you love statistiscs? How about statistics about Swansea City? Then this is the site for you. Dan offers post match analysis of every Swansea fixture through the medium of statistics in great detail, as well as other Swans statistic-related articles.

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