Write for Lost Boyos

Lost Boyos officially came to life on the 16th January 2012 with my article about Craig Davies and his time playing out in Italy with Hellas Verona. Since that day Lost Boyos has gone on to have tens of thousands of views and I’m exceptionally proud of the blog that my brother and I have created. It has been more successful than we could have possibly imagined on that drunken Christmas Eve night in our local when we devised the idea for the blog.


The original goal of the blog was to write about those brave Welsh souls who had plied or were plying their footballing trade overseas – a Welsh version of Les Rosbifs if you will. The blog has also branched off into looking at foreign players who have had an impact on Welsh football (or Los Boyos as we know them); famous games in Welsh football history; the history of Wales and the Cup Winners Cup and slowly generally anything Welsh football-related.

However, the most popular part of the blog has become the ‘Lost in…’ pieces – our groundhopping adventures to football grounds up and down the UK (my contribution) and in South Korea and Asia (Marc’s contribution). Anyone that knows me, or at least follows me on Twitter, will know I go to a hell of a lot of live football. With all the football I attend and write about, plus my actual job, I have found it increasingly difficult to write the other Welsh football articles alongside my groundhopping ones. Add in the fact that Marc is currently submerged in study for an intensive course and our other ‘non-groundhopping’ pieces have slightly dried up. I don’t like this. And this is why…


That’s right. For the first time officially, Lost Boyos is opening up to contributors. If you want to write anything, Welsh football-related, we’ll find a home for it (as long as it is of a decent quality of course).  It could be about a Lost Boyo or Los Boyo, a piece about Welsh club or national football – basically anything linked to Welsh football. The one area we are not seeking contributions to is the ‘Lost in…’ section as that is very well covered by myself and my brother and the whole point of us seeking contributors is to re-adjust the ‘groundhopping/Welsh football balance on the blog.

We are looking for people who may want to contribute to the site regularly as well as people who may just want to throw out the odd article for us. Also if you have your own unique ideas and something cool for the blog, we’ll listen to those ideas as well.

If you are interested, email me at matthewharrison1988@gmail.com or tweet me at @mophead_88 or the blog at @LostBoyos.



*does double thumbs up*


One thought on “Write for Lost Boyos

  1. Hello,

    nice website! Found it when i was checking google for Brentford FC. I’m going to Brentford this weekend. Would you like to exchange links with me? i’ve got a website about footballtravelling myself. Check: http://www.watergatehopper.nl. It’s in Dutch but most of it are pictures. Please let me know.


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