Good Copp: the Story of a Welsh Prospect

Dan Thompson speaks to one of Swansea and Wales’ upcoming stars, Kyle Copp.

At the age of 8 Kyle Copp signed for Swansea City. Now 16, the Welsh forward is one of the most promising young player’s in Wales. Everyone in Swansea knows Copp’s name and the potential that Copp has is incredible.

In an interview with World soccer talk Kyle had this to say. “I’ve always been an attacking player even as a young boy, I just wanted to score goals. I am not the best defender in the world, so I always try my best to score goals for my team.” One of Kyle’s most memorable goals was for Wales: a free kick against France, which was his first goal for the U18s when he was just fourteen years old.


Copp in action for Swansea U18s v Cardiff U18s.

Kyle Copp is a intelligent and inventive footballer, who predominantly plays in the number 10 role and loves to drop in pockets of space between the midfield and defence to create goal scoring chances for him and his team mates. Copp also has a good range of passing and can spread the play to create space for himself. Copp has been capped for Wales at U16s and U17s and scored goals at both levels, Kyle also  made his debut for Swansea City U21s this season on the 19th August 2013 where they lost 1-2 to Brighton at home.

“As a youngster I always looked up to Wayne Rooney and, obviously through Swansea, Lee Trundle.” Kyle used to go and watch his boyhood hero Trundle down Swansea’s old ground, the Vetch, where he, along with many others, admired Trundle’s goalscoring ability and his neat tricks and flicks around the penalty box. Copp’s admiration for Wayne Rooney comes from their similar technique in playing style, good work-ethic and the love of scoring goals.

Copp has always dreamt of signing a professional contact and in my opinion this dream will come a reality soon. Kyle already has that professional manner in him; he has had to give up spending time with his mates to train for Swansea during hours and after hours, Kyle also looks after his body well and trains in the gym regularly, he also spends a lot of time practising on his finishing, free kicks and penalties which he has provided a bit of speciality during games.

Since Swansea has built their new training ground, Kyle sees a lot of the first team and has a good relationship with Swansea and Wales Captain Ashley Williams and local boy Jazz Richards. “I speak to Jazz and Ash regularly and there always giving me advice on how to become a better footballer and more importantly a better person.”

Kyle loves the interaction with the first team and he loves watching their day to day routines on the field and off it. Kyle is a very confident 16 year old, who has impressed his coaches no matter what level.

I believe Kyle Copp will develop into a great striker; he is a very confident 16 year old who has achieved so much for such a young lad. Kyle is also very close mates with Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand through, a group who look to give their clients advice and professional that will hopefully help them achieve their full potential. The site’s clients include Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand, Swansea City and Welsh captain Ashley Williams and Welsh and Crystal Palace youngster Jonathan Williams.

Keep a close eye out for young Kyle Copp who could be a big star for Swansea in the future.

You can follow Dan on Twitter at @DanLThompson and you can follow Kyle Copp at @KyleCopp.

7 thoughts on “Good Copp: the Story of a Welsh Prospect

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  2. We are talking about the same kyle copp who has an attitude bigger than swansea and thinks he has made it already !!
    The reason this kid cant defend is because he cant get around the pitch because of his frame,you are right he everybody does know his name in swansea and not for any good reasons.
    As for being close mates with Rio ferdinand he is part of the same agency the only time he has met his close friend was during a book signing that he stood inline like everybody to meet him .

    • Very interesting reply. We are talking about the same Kyle Copp “that everybody knows his name in Swansea and not for any good reasons” Yet… He represented his club Swansea City for Wales Under 15,16 and 17’s, also scoring at every level. Played in all 3 victory shield games, live on sky sports. Liverpool manager and former Swansea City manager Brendan Rogers. Who’s knowledge of the game is undoubted, played Kyle in a first team friendly against Llanelli Afc, down Stebonheath at the age of 14. He has won player of the year at the Welsh community football awards. Started for a winning Swansea City under 19’s team, in a Welsh youth cup final, against Swansea based side West End down the Liberty stadium. Also made 2 appearances this season for Swansea City under 21’s against Brighton and starting away at “The Den” Milwall. But everybody knows his name for “no good reason”??. And if I’m not mistaken he is now just 17 years old. Achieving all that (and they are just a few notable things I know of him) whilst not being able to “get around the pitch because of his frame”, quite laughable. He also has “an attitude bigger than Swansea” yet he turned down a number of clubs to sign scholarship forms for Swansea. Also I do believe your claim of Kyle “standing in line” to meet Rio Ferdinand “Like everybody” is wrong. I did read somewhere that Kyle was invited up to London to part take in a photo shoot for his agency along with fellow Swansea City players, Jazz Richards and Daniel Alfie, who are also signed by the same Agency. That is where he met Rio Ferdinand. But I suppose the kid is where he is, due to negative people like you.

  3. We r still talking about the same kyle copp , u clearly don’t know him, how hard he works and what this kid have achived at such a young age ! Jealousy comes to mind !

    • Just heard he has recently signed for Yeovil lol
      Nevermind tho Jazz pays for his car and he`s earning £250 a week

  4. Good luck to him.. Must have been hard being release bye home town club! Everyone thought Kyle had a Chance with swans at young age. But Yeovil town Fc. Ain’t a bard starting club for young player. Like a lot of young players they need forget about money cars and girls and party life style And give football 100percent. That’s the only way. So all the best Kyle👍🏻

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