Groundhopping. That’s the simple answer to those who want me to get straight to the point of what this blog is about and for those who want this rounded up quickly. However, the blog did start as something else, so bear with me if you want to know the fuller story of this blog and where it came.

Everyone can do with a little bit of feedback at times, but sometimes it can be more scathing than its wanted to be. Especially when it’s from your own mother.

“You’ve lost the essence of what the blog was all about. Matthew has hijacked it,” were her words to us both, me and Marc, over the Christmas 2014 period. In fairness, she was sort of right. So here’s some clarification to what the blog was and now is and how I (the aforementioned Matthew) supposedly ‘hijacked it’.

Originally Lost Boyos was a Welsh football blog dedicated to Welsh footballers playing abroad (or at least not in Wales or England), as well as some general Welsh football miscellany. Alongside the articles about those adventurous ‘Lost Boyos’, we also included our own football groundhopping adventures with me living across the border in treacherous England and Marc living in South Korea (at the time).

Both of us work as teachers and so time is a commodity that gets taken away from us quite a bit. This meant less time to research and write detailed articles about all things Welsh football-related and instead the focus (unintentionally) switched to our tales of groundhopping. Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll go back to writing about Welsh football more, but for now it is on hold, although all of our old articles are all still there for you folks to read.

Happy reading.

Who are the Lost Boyos behind this blog?

The Lost Boyos are two brothers, who share a strong affection for the beautiful game and a love of the highs and lows of Welsh football. The two brothers are themselves Lost Boyos having left their homeland for pastures new: one brother, Marc, is based in Vietnam (via South Korea and the Basque country) with interests in Manchester United, Incheon United and Roberto Baggio, whilst the other brother, Matt, now resides in Trnava, Slovakia, after spend 6 years in Manchester and Liverpool. Here he keeps an eye on his beloved Swansea City from afar, whilst travelling Central Europe after years of scouring the non-league of northern England.


We hope you enjoy reading and welcome any comments or feedback you have. Contact us on Twitter @MattLostBoyo, @MarcLostBoyo, or just use the hashtag #lostboyo / #lostboyos.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Well i’m glad you enjoyed your night at the home of football. I myself am a Wednesday fan and travel from Tredegar with my son and brother. Also being welsh makes me proud , and i fly the dragon everywhere we go, and you will be surprised how the Wednesday folk take to us, being from Wales, they do think its from the other side of the world. Welcome to Wednesday

  2. lostboyos@mophead88

    I have just read your article “Before Bob and Roy, there was Bert” on the LostBoyos website with great interest and I would like to congratulate you on a very well informed account on Bert Turner’s career. I hope you don’t mind me pointing out a slight error on the birthplace for Bert Turner. He was actually born in the village of Brithdir in the Rhymney Valley and not Caerphilly. The family home was at 13 Charles Street; I lived a few doors away at No 4.

    Since I retired from work seven years ago I have been researching the village with the aim of writing its history; to that end I have researched any everything and everyone with a connection. I am currently working on the career of Bert Turner and I wondered if I could copy some of the details on your blog for my article. I would also appreciate permission to use a copy of the team photo (Malmo’s 1953 double-winners)

    I would appreciate any help given

  3. Roy,

    Mant thanks for your kinds words and for the pointing out our mistake. It was one of the most enjoyable posts to research and write, so I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Feel to copy the details and I can probably still find the links to the source material if that would be helpful. The photo unfortunately is not ours to grant permission for publication, but again I’m sure I can find the source.


  4. Hi Marc
    Thanks for granting me permission to copy details on Bert Turner’s career. I would appreciate links to the source material on Bert Turner and also the source details of the photo.


  5. Really enjoyed your blog about Heston Rovers & Dumfries . Please come back when my team Queen of the South are at home ….. You’ll be made more than welcome yet again …..

  6. hello!! we are shooting a spot in Swansea, and I see you have a very interesting blog, so we were interested in talking to you in case you are free and want to be part of the film.

    if you are interested. please let me know

  7. Good read my friend. You planning on doing the Scotland game? Youd be very welcome. You may not know but scotland fans charity ., tartan army sunshine appeal of which i am a member donate to a childrens charity at every away game we play. If youd like to find out more contact me at email below.

  8. FC Spartak Trnava v FK DAC 1904 Dunajska Streda 23.10.2016

    Really good to meet you on Sunday Matt and sorry I had to shoot off so abruptly before the end as it would have been good to have a few beers with you after the game too but the express train to Bratislava left at 19.35. (Cannot believe that decent Welsh blokes do exist but you have to go to Trnava, Slovakia to find one)!

    Will probably make an annual pilgrimage now from Chesterfield to Trnava as will not be satisfied until we get those fans singing and the ground bouncing – already checking out Ryanair flights from Leeds and they do fly at better times than Luton.

    I don’t do any of the social media stuff so will fill my email details in below.

    And yes you will see from my surname that I do have Welsh ancestry….

    Take care lost boyo,

    Ju Hughes (England, Derby and Spireites)

    • Legend Ju!

      Thoroughly enjoyed your company, as did our French pal Axool. That sounds a good plan mate – you should come for a weekend and take in two games next time. I’ll find somewhere where the fans sing. Or come over for the big derby against Slovan Bratislava.

      Look forward to your next trip – my email is: matthewharrison1988@gmail.com

      All the best and enjoy the rest of your season following Schteve’s Derby County.


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